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Your kids make the most out of bath time, so why can't you?

Find at least 20 minutes to escape life's chaos and try soaking in a warm (some like it hot!),  aromatic bubble bath; it could transport you to a spa-like oasis in your mind. Hey, it's better than nothing!

Bubble baths are proven to not only nourish your skin, but also your mind. Consider this your meditation for the day and come out of the tub in a better mood. The benefits of indulging in a bubble bath don't just stop there... you can soothe achy muscles, bolster blood circulation, decongest from that pesky cold and best of all, get better sleep!

Being a self-proclaimed bubble bath connoisseur, I was able to narrow down the options to just 3 of the best bubble bath products out there. Please feel free to take a gander :)

Best Overall

Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath- Soothe & Sleep with Lavender

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With natural essential oils like lavender, Dr. Teal's Foaming bath instantly chills me out and sets a tranquil tone for the rest of my evening. Lavender is a common scent used in essential oils; renowned for it's calming benefits. No wonder my anxiety takes a little dip while I'm taking a dip. The other great thing about this product is the long lasting bubbles! Nothing worse than sitting a lukewarm vat of your own muck...the bubbles really dress up the idea of a bath. Sorry, gross visual! Finally, the price point is superb! It's a small price to pay for a tub of luxury.

2nd Best

Deep Steep- Vanilla Coconut Bubble Bath

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This next one is a close second. Remember when I said that bubble baths can transport you to a spa-like oasis? Well, when you pour Deep Steep into running water, you will be transported to a TROPICAL spa-like oasis. The vanilla coconut scented suds remind me of an island getaway. Then I open my eyes and am pretty disappointed but I digress. The essential oils are all natural as well as gentle and moisturizing. The price is a little "Deep Steep" (ha, see what I did there) but you are also paying for a mental island vacation.

3rd Best

Honest Bubble Bath- Purely Sensitive

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Jessica Alba bubbles? Yes, please! OK, that's not the only reason I like this product but I feel connected to her in some ways when I use it (stop judging me). Most of us moms know that The Honest Company is founded by the beautiful Jessica Alba, but the company is also known for it's clean and hypoallergenic products. For a lot of us, especially when it comes to our kids, this is VERY important. This is a double-whammy for me because I can also use it for my son's bath time. The only caveat is that it's fragrance free and by now, you can tell I love me some fragrance. These bubbles are a bit pricey but I'm just being "Honest"...ok, ill stop with the puns.

Bubble Bath FAQs

So many options; that can be a good thing or a bad thing about the free market system. How do I know I am getting the best product for my money? I'm trying to help you out here, sister (or brother). I included some frequently asked questions and answers to clear some stuff up for you...

Are bubble baths good for you?

Yes, yes, yes! Warm bubble baths help to heal your body by reducing pain and inflammation in your muscles and body overall. Indulging in a bubble bath will give you time to take a pause and slow down your mind. Some would argue it's a mental health staple. 

Which bubble bath gives the best bubbles?

Dr Teal's Soothe & Sleep Lavender Foaming bath. Super sized and long-lasting suds!

What makes a great bubble bath?

 The main component of a truly great bubble bath is that it's paraben and phthalate free and never tested on animals. Dr Teal's, Deep Steep and Honest products are all paraben and phthalate free and never tested on animals.

How do you make a super bubbly bath?

Pour the product directly into the running water. To maximize your bubble bath experience, ensure the running water is on the highest pressure and watch the bubbles grow.

What's the difference between a foaming bath and a bubble bath?

Not much, really. Foam just refers to the top layer of the bubbles that sit on the surface of the bath water.

Should women take baths or showers?

Overall, showers are better for your skin because you aren't submerged in all that water. Exposing your skin to too much water can strip it of it's natural oils.

How often should a woman take a bath?

Taking a bath every day could be detrimental to your skin. Some dermatologists suggest taking a bath every other day or 2-3 times per week. 

Start filling the tub!

 I did some research for you and based on countless reviews and my own personal opinion, Dr Teals hits the number 1 spot on the list. Deep Steep and Honest are great alternatives and to each their own, right? what I might love, you might not but you can try it out and see for yourself. At the very least, it's an excuse to enjoy a bubbly bath :)

Remember to treat yourself...you deserve it!

Love your mom-friend,