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Mascara is the one beauty product that can make a huge impact on your look with just a few strokes.

I'm sure you want luscious lashes, and I've discovered the best mascaras to help you achieve that!

With any of these 5 miraculous mascaras, you'll get such thick and voluminous lashes that you'll be batting those gorgeous eyes with confidence!

You can purchase your fave from Amazon today!

Happy Shopping :)

How I Pick The Right Mascara

Mascara is one of those products where there are just way too many choices. It's overwhelming and time-consuming to try to determine which is the one for you.

Then on top of that, every product review article you read about the "best mascaras" offers an extensive list of 20-something products from all over the internet. The whole reason you are reading these kinds of articles is to make your life easier but now you gotta research the research 🙄.

I tried to make it as easy as possible for you busy women and whittled it down to only 5, of what I believe, are quality mascaras from Amazon. I can't think of a more convenient shopping experience than Amazon, can you?

Best Overall

Maybelline New York Sky High Mascara

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Why You Should Try It

This lengthening mascara is formulated with bamboo extract and fibers to give you long, full, and lightweight lashes that won't flake or smudge. Plus, the Lash Extension Brush features our exclusive Flex Tower brush that bends to volumize and extend every single lash from root to tip. With over 100K Amazon reviews, you can bet Maybelline's mascara is sky-high quality!

What You Should Know

Maybelline's Sky High Mascara is ophthalmologist and allergy tested, so it's suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. And because it's contact lens friendly, you can wear it with confidence knowing that your eyes will stay comfortable all day long.

Best Waterproof Mascara

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

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Why You Should Try It

This waterproof mascara gives your lashes 20x more volume and up to 2x more length, for a full lash fringe that's feathery soft. Plus, it's been tested and proven to withstand a swim without smudging or running, so you can enjoy your time in the water without worrying about looking like Tammy Faye Baker and a racoon had a baby. Whether you're hitting the beach or just want to keep your lashes looking fabulous all day long, Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara is an excellent choice!

What You Should Know

L'Oreal's new formula is infused with caring floral oil to condition your lashes and keep them healthy.

Best Volumizing Mascara

Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara

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Why You Should Try It

This amazing mascara dramatically defines, lengthens, and lifts your lashes for a fuller, more flirtatious look. The nylon fibers in the brush have a multiplying effect, making sure every last lash is coated evenly and effortlessly. With just one application, you'll see why Buxom's Lash Volumizing Mascara is a cult-favorite among makeup lovers everywhere.

What You Should Know

Formulated with vitamin E and rose water, this mascara not only lifts and lengthens, but also conditions your lashes for a healthy look.

Best Curling Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara

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Why You Should Try It

Looking for a mascara that will give your lashes a serious lift? Then you need Roller Lash from Benefit Cosmetics. This breakthrough formula features a Hook ‘n’ Roll brush that grabs, separates, lifts and curls your lashes for a stunning effect. The instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours, for long-lasting curl that looks natural and beautiful. Plus, it’s water-resistant and easy to remove, so you can enjoy your gorgeous lashes all day and night – without any hassle!

What You Should Know

The formula is also infused with provitamin B5 and serin, two ingredients that are known for their lash-conditioning benefits. So not only will your lashes look amazing, they'll also be healthy and strong.

Best on a Budget

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

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Why You Should Try It

Essence's Lash Princess is a super affordable mascara that delivers bold, volumized lashes with zero clumps or globs. The conic shape fiber brush ensures separation and definition for a long-lasting, all-day look. And with almost 300K positive reviews, you can trust that this mascara lives up to the hype! Ditch the falsies and give Lash Princess a try- you'll be saving time and money!

What You Should Know

This product is totally fragrance free, oil free, alcohol free, and paraben free. So you can rest assured that it's gentle on your eyes and won't cause any irritation. Also, Essence cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand that is certified and acknowledged by PETA. So you can feel good about using this mascara knowing that no animals were harmed in its production.

Best Livin-La-Vida Luxury

 Lancôme Lash Idole Lifting and Volumizing Mascara

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Why You Should Try It

Add some oomph to your lashes with Lancôme Lash Idole Lifting and Volumizing Mascara. This gel formula not only volumizes, but also lifts and defines each individual lash for a gorgeous, natural look. The wand is designed with 360 micro-bristles in 250 different sizes to ensure that every lash is coated evenly, from root to tip. Lancôme Lash Idole Lifting and Volumizing Mascara also features 24 hour comfortable wear that stays in place,  without clumping or flaking, so you can look flawless all day long.

What You Should Know

This particular Lancôme mascara is made with white tea extract, an antioxidant-rich ingredient that not only conditions your lashes but also helps to protect them.

Mascara FAQs

Mascara is a makeup essential, but it can be tricky to choose from thousands of different formulas.

Do you want lengthening or volumizing? Waterproof or non-waterproof? With all of the options available, it's no wonder we have questions about mascara.

I've answered the most frequently asked questions about mascara so that you can make an informed decision about which type is YOUR type. Now, if only there was a Tinder app for mascara...

What is the best way to apply mascara?

The best way to apply mascara is to use a light touch, wiggling the brush as you go.

Many people make the mistake of applying too much mascara at once, which can lead to clumps and look unnatural. Start by coating the lashes lightly at the base, then work your way up to the tips, wiggling the brush as you go. This will help distribute the mascara evenly and prevent clumps. You may need to use a few coats for full coverage.

How often should you replace your mascara?

Mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to eye infections. To avoid this, it's important to replace your mascara every 3 months. You should also never share mascara with anyone, even if they're your best friend.

What is the difference between waterproof and non-waterproof mascara?

The main  difference between waterproof and non-waterproof mascara is that waterproof mascara is designed to stay in place, even if you sweat or cry. This type of mascara is ideal for hot days, humid climates, weddings, and any other time you need your makeup to last all day long.  Non-waterproof mascara is  easier to remove at the end of the day, but it's not as resistant to tears or sweat.

What are some common mascara ingredients?

Mascara formula vary widely, but there are a few common ingredients you'll see in most mascaras, including:

Water:  This is the base of most mascaras.

Beeswax: This natural ingredient helps to thicken the mascara and coat the lashes.

Carnauba wax: This plant-based wax is used as a thickener and emulsifier in mascaras.

Glycerin: This ingredient helps to keep the mascara from drying out.

Polymers: These ingredients help the mascara adhere to the lashes and create volume.

Is there a difference between drugstore and department store mascaras?

There is a big difference between drugstore and department store mascaras, especially when it comes to quality. Department store mascaras are typically made with higher quality ingredients and better packaging, which helps to keep the mascara from drying out. Drugstore mascaras are mass produced and often made with cheaper ingredients, which can cause the mascara to dry out quickly.

What is the best type of mascara for sensitive eyes?

If you have sensitive eyes, it's important to choose a hypoallergenic mascara that is free of fragrance, parabens, and other irritating ingredients. You may also want to try a water-based or non-waterproof mascara, as these formulas are less likely to irritate the eyes.

How many coats of mascara should I apply?

In general, you want to apply two coats of mascara. The first coat will help to define and lengthen your lashes, while the second coat will add volume.

If you're looking for extra drama, you can always add a third coat. Just make sure not to go overboard, or your lashes will start to look clumpy and heavy.

How long should you wait between coats of mascara?

Most people should wait at least 60 seconds between coats of mascara. This allows the first coat to dry so that it doesn't smudge when the second coat is applied.

If you have very short lashes, you may need to wait even longer than 60 seconds between coats in order to avoid clumping. Some people also like to apply a thin layer of primer before they put on their mascara in order to help it last

Should you put mascara of bottom lashes?

Mascara on the bottom lashes really only serves to accentuate the eyes and make them look brighter. Some people find that it also makes their eyes look wider. If you have sparse or short lashes on the lower lash line, then putting mascara on them can help make them look fuller. However, if you have long lashes on the lower lash line, then you probably don't need to put mascara on them because they will already be nicely framed by your upper lashes.

Should you blink when applying mascara?

Blinking is actually not recommended when applying mascara, as this could cause the mascara to smudge and end up under your eyes. Try to keep your eye makeup application as steady as possible, and only blink when you're done.

Mascara- The Right One for You!

So, there you have it. My top five mascaras for luscious lashes, all of which can be ordered on Amazon for quick delivery. With any one of these mascaras, your lashes will be beautifully accentuated to the point that you might get asked, "are your lashes real?". To which you can proudly reply, "damn right they are!"😆 . Anyways, thanks for reading my article and I hope you find what you are looking for! Make those eyes POP, ladies!

Remember To Treat Yourself...You Deserve It!

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