Hi Moms! My name is Gabriella Ceraldi and I'm the creator of Treating Mom :) I started Treating Mom as an independent blog dedicated to treating moms with love and luxury...because Mom deserves a treat too!

Since childhood, I've always wanted to be someone's mom. I had an innate maternal instinct that manifested itself through taking care of my little cousins and then eventually my nieces. Once I became Gio's mom, my world changed...as expected. What I didn't expect (perhaps, naively) was the sudden eruption of a tremendous amount of anxiety and a complete loss of self. All the beauty of motherhood was undoubtedly present however, I wasn't. I cared so little about myself that I barely looked in the mirror; I totally forgot what I even looked like! It took a while, more like years, but I figured out how to be Gio's mom first and foremost and then treat myself second. By "treat", I'm talking self-care...like treating yourself to that relaxing lavender bubble bath, that popular exfoliating mask that leaves your skin feeling so smooth, that perfect mascara that makes your eyes pop, that gorgeous bag you have been secreting with a screenshot in your phone and that comfy sweat set you just can't wait to find on your doorstep. As moms, especially new moms, we treat our children to so many toys, games, sweets and experiences that we practically spoil them. We lose sight of ourselves...well, maybe we should treat ourselves like we treat our kids. Spoil ourselves even? Dare I say it! Once I started treating myself, I was reminded of my self-worth. I regained an appreciation for my mind, body and spirit. So the moral of my message to you is that it's more than OK to treat yourself, mom. You truly deserve it!

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