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No more "baby stuff" in your big kid's Easter basket!

Forget about stuffed bunnies and chocolate eggs, because this year I’ve got some ideas that are sure to make them smile. From educational games and gadgets, to fun craft activities– creating the perfect Easter basket doesn’t have to be a hassle this year.

Let me show you how you can put together an amazing Easter basket for a bigger kid that is not only cool but also filled with thoughtful gifts. They won't be expecting any of these items when they open their basket - so it's sure to be a pleasant surprise!

Read on to discover some great Easter basket ideas for those hard-to-please kids!

Hoppy Shopping 🐰

How I Pick the Right Easter Basket Ideas for Big Kids

Easter is coming up and you don't know what to get your older kid who seems to have everything!

Check out my list of 12 Easter basket gifts for the big boys and girls who want for nothing! I read through hundreds of reviews and compared products to come up with this curated list.

QINGQIU Colorful Slime Eggs

12 Pcs

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These ooey-gooey wonders will be a blast of an Easter gift. Not too big, not too small--just the right size to have fun and play. And the best part? These colorful slime eggs are made from high-quality and safe materials that are tested non-toxic. Perfect toy for an egg-cellent Easter and beyond!

iGeeKid Hatching Dino Eggs

60 Pcs

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Let the prehistoric come alive! Introducing iGeeKid Hatching Dino Eggs: a 60 pack of magical crack Dinosaur Eggs with an ancient surprise inside. Place these eggs in water overnight and watch as your child's curiosity comes to life when they wake up to discover hatchlings ready to explore their new world. Children will learn the animal hatching process, gaining patience and insight along the way.

What’s more, these dino figures are made from natural rubber with healthy paint on the outside so you can rest assured that they are non-toxic and harmless.


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Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time, and what better way than introducing our Friendly Forest Farting Poop Pen? This amazing little gag gadget is the perfect way to add a bit of humor to your kid’s easter basket! Pressing on this poopy head will cue up one of seven hilarious fart sounds – no nasty smells, just pure hilarity.

So make sure you get the gift that keeps on giving - the Farting Poop Pen from Our Friendly Forest!

Scento Smencils

10 Pcs

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Get your kids excited about learning with Scento Smencils! These clever pencils are made from recycled newspaper and come in ten delicious scents – like Bubble Gum, Blue Slushie, Pineapple Swirl, Strawberry Cheesecake, Jelly Donut, Jolly Watermelon, Rainbow Sherbet, Orange Soda, Black Cherry, and Cookies'N Cream. Talk about yummy! And that's not all – these pre-sharpened pencils are perfect for homework or activities like drawing or crafting.

Plus they have a two-year scent guarantee so you know they'll always smell as good as they look.

Skillmatics Card Game

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This award-winning card game has everything necessary for a great time, including wild prompts like "Something with a pattern?" and "Something smaller than your palm?". It'll have your kiddos up and searching, shouting "FOUND IT!" as soon as they get their hands on an object. And the best part is, this game isn't just fun - it'll also help your children to sharpen their analytical skills while they play!

The box comes complete with 50 Game Cards, an instruction manual and a mess-free case so you can take hours of entertainment on the go.

Playmaker Hatching Rainbow Eggs

2 Pack

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Is your kid's Easter basket in need of a magical touch? Look no further than Playmaker's Hatching Rainbow Eggs! Inside each egg is a surprise unicorn friend waiting to be revealed. Just add water and watch the eggshell slowly crack and expand over 12-24 hours, with the transformation continuing for up to 48 hours.

It's sure to bring some emerald-eyed wonderment and make this Easter magical!

ZMLM Rainbow Scratch Books

2 Pack

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This unique art craft notebook is perfect for an art enthusiast of any skill level. Its magic scratcher allows young minds to explore their creativity and create stunning masterpieces in a unique way-all without any mess to clean up! ZMLM Rainbow Scratch Books are made from thick paper that won’t harm your fingers while scratching, plus they’re non-toxic and non-polluting.

Wishouse Walkie Talkie

4 Pack

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Create memorable and meaningful moments with Wishouse Walkie Talkies! With 7 days of standby time, these walkie talkies provide an immersive interactive experience for parent-child or child-child communication. From camping trips to the park, stay connected no matter where you are. And with each talkie having its own color, fighting over them is a non-issue. Wishouse Walkie Talkies are a great interactive tool for those big kid explorers, always on an adventure!

Pretty Me Headband Making Kit

50 Pcs

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Now this is an amazing girl's craft kit where her inner fashionista can run wild! Unleash her fashion sense and make 10 gorgeous headbands to match any outfit for any occasion.

Mix and match colors, accessories, ribbons, trims, flowers and more to put her unique spin on her outfits!

Everything she needs is included in this 50+ piece kit – 10 satin headbands, 2 wide ribbons, 2 wide mesh ribbons, 6 thin ribbons, 4 ribbon trims (gold leaf, butterfly gold & silver sequins), 2 large faux fur pom poms, 6 small faux fur pom poms, large flower, 6 foam flowers 6 mesh flowers butterfly mixed rhinestones and more. Just follow along with the illustrated step-by-step guide for inspiration and tips. It's super easy!

Make a social experience out of it-your kid can invite her friends over for a girly session of making headbands to look fashionable together!

Move2Play Karaoke Microphone

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This 2-in-1 mic and speaker is bursting with fun for kids of all ages. Whether it’s belting out 15 classic songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or connecting to their favorite music apps like YouTube and Apple Music, they will never be at a loss for entertainment. But the fun doesn’t stop there…the Move2Play also shines with its top-notch sound quality and voice effects that let kids truly bring the house down.

Plus, you won’t have any worries about dying batteries either – this device has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 6 hours! And it comes in five vibrant colors so your child can show their own style while they sing.

Hinshark Easter Egg Decorating Kit

16 Pcs

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Add a new dimension to your kid's Easter celebrations this year by introducing the egg spinner decorator, which can be used on both plastic eggs and real eggs in seconds. Simply place the eggs into the machine and then let their inner artist do its thing. With 6 white plastic eggs to play with, they'll have hours of enjoyable Easter fun creating exclusive works of art!

Just imagine: 12 vibrant colors at their fingertips, coupled with the help of the spinner's uniquely designed body, helping kids draw their creative designs in a steady manner.

Showcase their marvelous creations to friends and family this season and let everyone know who's responsible for making this extraordinary Easter extra special!

90shine Sticker Paint Books

4 Pack

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With 10 different picture pages – featuring bunnies, eggs, chicks, gnomes, baskets, sheep, crosses, butterflies and more – and 40 sheets of stickers included in each package, there are plenty of ways to get creative. Your kids' finished art works can be easily detached thanks to perforated pages, ready for you to frame or share with family as thoughtful Easter gifts.

Plus this fun, interactive craft builds up valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination and color/number recognition while fostering gorgeous family bonding moments along the way.

Easter Basket Ideas for Big Kids FAQ's

Still have questions? Look for more Easter basket ideas and inspo?

I have the answers to the most frequently asked questions about what to put in a big kid's Easter basket to keep them satisfied, curious and excited!

What do you put in a pre-teen's Easter basket?

It all depends on the individual child’s interests, as each child is unique! If your pre-teen enjoys art and crafts, you could consider adding items like blank journals, sketchbooks, colored pencils/pens/markers, knitting supplies or even an adult coloring book.

Books are also great Easter basket filler ideas for pre-teen’s; try to choose age appropriate books that they will enjoy reading. A good place to start may be their favorite book series or popular topics like mysteries and adventures – age 10+ books can be found in most stores.

If your pre-teen is into music and tech gadgets, consider including some headphones (if allowed) and digital downloads like new songs from their favorite artist or even online games for the device of their choice.

Alternatively, gift cards are always a hit - you can get them for movie tickets or other activities that your children might enjoy doing with friends over spring break.

Lastly don't forget about traditional Easter items such as candy (remembering any dietary restrictions), stuffed animals/plush toys representing this season's popular characters, small boardgames/card sets/puzzles they can play with family members during gatherings over the long weekend – these will help create some much needed quality time together! Put it all together in one personalized basket ready to surprise your tween on the morning of Easter Sunday!

What do you put in a 8 year old's Easter basket?

When it comes to Easter basket ideas for 8 year olds, the sky’s the limit! While many of us associate this holiday with the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, jelly beans and marshmallow peeps, there are countless items your eight year old will love when hunting for Easter eggs. Here are a few great ideas that you can put in an 8 year old's Easter basket:

1) Books or magazines – What better way to get your child excited about reading than having some new books or magazines in their basket? Try classic stories like Charlotte’s Web, or fun adventure stories like The Magic Tree House series. Non-fiction books work too; National Geographic Kids magazine is a fantastic resource for kids who love animals and learning about nature.

2) Arts & Crafts Supplies – Whether they're into drawing and painting, paper mache projects, scrapbooking or beading jewelry - arts & crafts supplies make great additions to any Easter Basket. Grab some multi-colored construction paper, crayons and markers so they can get creative right away!

3) Games – Board games have evolved over time - now there are plenty of options that provide hours of hands on activity while teaching valuable skills such as counting money and problem solving. Add a game like Qwirkle which is fun for all ages; it involves strategy as well as lucky guessing based on colors and shapes. Of course kids this age also enjoy digital games too - why not include something from their favorite video game franchise?

4) Toys – If you want to keep the traditional aspects of an Easter basket alive for your eight year old then consider getting them some small toys such as action figures or plush animal characters. Stuffed animals also make cute additions along with soft rubber balls during outdoor egg hunts! If you want something more educational then science kits featuring subjects like astronomy may be just what they need to spark their interest in STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics).

5) Chocolates / Sweets– Yes even older kids still appreciate treats once in awhile so don't forget those indispensable pieces such as chocolate eggs filled with confectionary surprises! Get creative by making home made treats using candy molds - personally I've always been intrigued by gummy bears shaped like dinosaurs ;) Healthy snacks are welcome too such as granola bars; try wrapping these up individually if you prefer to avoid sugar overload.

What do you put in a 12 year old's Easter basket?

Great Easter basket stuffers for a 12 year old is an easy one! This is a great chance to treat them to something special and remind them of the joy of the season. There are so many wonderful options that you can include in a 12-year-old's Easter basket this year, but here are some ideas that are sure to put a smile on their face:

1. Books: A personal favorite for any age, books make great gifts for both pleasure reading and educational purposes. Choose something exciting or funny, like The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S Lewis or Dog Man from Dav Pilkey–or go more serious with nonfiction reads such as I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. There’s something out there that every 12-year-old will love!

2. Technology: Whether it’s an iTunes gift card, headphones or a state-of-the art tablet computer—electronic gadgets never fail to excite! With all the amazing technology available today, your tween will be overjoyed at having new products to play with this Easter holiday season… even if it means setting up parental controls first!

3. Crafts & Arts Supplies: Give your child an outlet for creative expression through arts & crafts supplies such as coloring pencils, markers and sketch pads along with fun crafting kits like LEGO sets or origami paper folding projects! They’ll find plenty of ways to stay busy during their break from school in April using these items—plus there is always room for creativity when creating their own Easter treats too!

4. Fitness Gear: Help your tween stay active this Easter season (and beyond) by gifting them fitness gear they’ll actually enjoy using like activity trackers/smartwatches , weighted jump ropes or foam rollers/balance balls that can also double as toys around the house after workouts have been completed.. Keeping kids motivated about working out has never been easier when accompanied with the right resources–it won’t take long before they start seeing results while having fun at the same time too!

5. Fun Gifts & Toys With Educational Value : Last but not least…. nothing says “Happy Easter” quite like including some fun gifts and toys in our 12 year old's baskets this April that bring educational value too—think Rubik cubes , strategy board games (e.g., Catan), chemistry sets …etc). Not only do these provide hours of entertainment —they also help build logical thinking skills which come in handy no matter what career field our teens decide on down the road !

How do you make Easter special for the older kids?

Easter should always be a special time for the whole family regardless of age. With older kids, you can use this opportunity to create some innovative and meaningful ways to celebrate the holiday. Here are five ideas that will help you make Easter special for your older kids:

1. Host an Easter egg hunt with a twist – Make it more challenging and creative by hiding clues throughout the house as well as eggs in unconventional places like on high shelves or inside plants! Trying to think outside of the box is an excellent way to get their minds going and makes them work harder and smarter at finding those eggs!

2. Give back – Use the Easter season as a chance to volunteer somewhere, such as feeding homeless people or collecting items for charity drives with your children. Encouraging them to give back not only allows them to put others first but also teaches important lessons about generosity that are invaluable during life’s journey.

3. Get crafty - Have your older kids take part in making decorations or even creating centerpieces together that they can proudly display at home while celebrating this joyous occasion! Not only will it get their creative juices flowing, but they'll also have something tangible that they made with their own hands- putting in effort towards decorating will definitely show appreciation better than just buying decorations from a store would allow!

4. Attend church services - Attending church services is one of the best ways for families especially elder children, who tend to relate less easily with religious practices nowadays, can appreciate taking part in Christian holidays such as Easter by attending mass services if possible; although this may not be applicable everywhere depending on circumstances present i .e pandemics etc taking part in such spiritual events helps instill faith amongst fundamental principles often taught during these occasions which help promote personal growth among youth

5 Make dessert together - Nothing says "Easter" more than spending time bonding over pastries like hot cross buns or simnel cake recipes handed down through generations Perhaps allowing each child (depending on age) cook alongside parents/guardians could serve better!! Creating treats together is a fun way to create memories that last longer than any physical gift ever could—plus they still get plenty of candy when all is said & done !

What age do you stop making Easter baskets for kids?

There is no set age for when you should stop making Easter baskets for kids, as it ultimately depends on the situation and individual(s) involved.

Generally speaking, most families tend to stop creating Easter baskets once their children are in middle school or higher (around 11-14 years old). They may still participate in traditional Easter activities such as dyeing eggs or attending an egg hunt, but some households choose not to include the tradition of an Easter basket with gifts.

It really depends on your family's customs and traditions. For example, if they are religious and Easter has a special spiritual meaning to them, they might want to continue the tradition until older ages (e.g., 18+) regardless of how grown up the child is. On the other hand, if your family regards it as more of a fun activity with less importance placed on its spiritual side, then you can discontinue baskets earlier than 11-14 years old whenever both parent and child feel ready to do so.

At any age when considering stopping this practice make sure that you take into account what your particular kid would prefer due their level of maturity or interests; since each person differs from one another there isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all” limit as it really comes down to personal preference/prejudice in such matters.

Easter Basket Ideas for Big Kids: The Best Ones for Them!

Despite what you might think, Easter basket ideas for older kids can be just as exciting and meaningful as those of their younger counterparts.

By getting creative with Easter basket fillers, you can show your child that they really are growing up by providing a thoughtful and exciting gift basket. With the right mix of items, you can create a basket filled with Easter goodies that will help your kid to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Plus, there won’t be any melted chocolate eggs in sight! As this special day approaches, consider stepping outside of the traditional basket ideas and allowing your child to have an eggs-traordinary (pun intended!) Easter experience they’ll never forget.

Remember to Treat Yourself...You Deserve it!

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