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Looking for royal gifts for your little Princess this Easter?

Good news! I found 12 Easter basket stuffers that will make your toddler girl feel like a real princess. From plush, cuddly animals that she'll love to snuggle with, to stylish accessories and other fun finds, there's something here that will make her smile.

She'll be absolutely delighted as she uncovers an array of adorable surprises. Plus, every single one is sure to make her day extra special.

Read on to discover these 12 amazing goodies for your little love! She will NOT be disappointed!

Hoppy Shopping 🐰

How I Pick the Right Easter Basket Ideas for Toddler Girls

What do you get the little princess who has it all?

You don't want to give her another toy that she'll only play with for a few weeks and then forget about. You want her to have something special that she'll love-without spending a fortune!

These 12 Easter basket gifts are just what you're looking for. From books and toys to puzzles and accessories, these gifts will make the little girl in your life egg-stremely happy this Easter!

YOPINSAND Jumbo Easter Eggs Beauty Dolls

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YOINSAND's Jumbo Easter Eggs Beauty Dolls are the perfect thing to make your toddler princess' Easter even more incredible! Each bright, colorful plastic egg contains a delightful Fashion Beauty Doll, making them the ideal basket stuffers, fillers and gifts. What's more, each egg comes with extra spoils in the form of fun Easter tattoos!

QINGQUI Jumbo Unicorn Easter Eggs

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The QINGQUI Jumbo Unicorn Easter Eggs have all the fun of surprise eggs, with the added bonus of transforming into a beautiful, sparkly unicorn! Each pack contains four jumbo eggs with a hidden unicorn deformation egg inside, ready for your kid to discover and assemble. Not only are these eggs eye-catching and full of magic, but they're also great quality too! Crafted from ultra-safe ABS plastic material, each toy is guaranteed to last and depicts bright colors and shiny details to really bring the whole thing together.

Happitry Bunny Bubble Machine

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Happitry's Bunny Bubble Machine is the cutest bubble machine for little ones! Boasting an energetic bunny appearance with bold and colorful designs, this automatic bubble gun will turn playtime into a magical adventure! Wielding the latest designed motor, it’ll send out a thick stream of bubbles that will delight kids with their vivid colors. Includes five packs of bubble concentrate – enough to make one bottle of perfect bubbles! Best of all, the excellent sealing property keeps the bubbles from leaking when kids swing it while running and chasing. Just press the switch and let your imaginations soar with countless bubbles!

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit

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If you’re looking for a soft and cuddly companion to add to your child's Easter basket, look no further! You simply won’t believe how huggable this rabbit is. Not to mention, its extra-soft plush fur will make their heart melt. Plus, it comes with the most realistic-looking features you can find in a stuffed animal!

The Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit isn’t just cuddly—it’s also made with care and superior materials like ultra-soft polyester fabric that make this a durable rabbit toy to be enjoyed for years to come.

Banvih Mermaid Princess Makeup Set

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Let your little one become a mermaid-princess with the Banvih Mermaid Princess Makeup Set! Special by purple colors, they’ll look like one of those magical underwater creatures. On top of the crown jewels and slap bracelet to complete their regal look? A crossbody bag so they can carry their beautiful treasures wherever they go! If that’s not enough, they can get creative with 3 different makeup brushes, foundation, 2 blushes, 2 eye shadows and a lip stick—all included in this awesome set. Everything is made from environmental ABS materials for your kid's safety and good health.

ArtCreativity Diamond Wand

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Get ready to add a dash of mystery and magic to your princess' basket with ArtCreativity's Diamond Wand! This is no ordinary wand - it comes complete with fabulous multicolor LED flashing effects that will astonish and impress. With a simple slide of switch, power up the 3 installed AA batteries for an enchanting color show that's perfect for theatrical performances or just as a creative way to brighten up any room. Let your child's inner wizard shine through by wielding their very own magic scepter - it will make any Easter basket come alive with wonder!

FLY2SKY Plush Bunny Eggs

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FLY2SKY Plush Bunny Eggs are the ultimate Easter Basket Stuffers! Forget colored eggs with candy inside; add these Easter surprise eggs and watch your kid's face light up. What could be better than an egg hunt with stuffed bunnies and other fun toys waiting inside? Plus, these cute itty-bitty bunnies come in vibrant colors and cute designs, ensuring they'll be an instant hit on Easter morning. With outstanding craftsmanship, your little ones won't want to put their FLY2SKY Plush Bunny Eggs down

Anditoy Easter Wooden Puzzles

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Fitting perfectly into those Easter baskets, these 4 wooden puzzles add the perfect touch of cozy spring vibes for your little ones. Each puzzle is designed around classic Easter themes–the rabbit, the egg, the chick, and the carrot–and each comes with 4-6 pieces for easy-to-solve puzzling fun. Plus, these Easter Wooden Puzzles are crafted from high quality wood that’s as gentle on their fingers as it is environmentally friendly.

PAIE Interactive Bunny

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This Interactive Bunny from PAIE is hopping its way into hearts everywhere! It's perfect for those who are always on the hunt for something furry and delightful to cuddle up with. Your kids won’t be able to get enough of this cute (and sometimes clumsy) rabbit as it walks around, flaps its tail, and chirps just like a real one. And if you’re looking for a realistic animal experience without the mess, PAIE Interactive Bunny is ideal!

Peek-a-Flap Hop Book

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You’re child is invited to join a playful band of animals as they prepare for the most festive holiday of all—Easter! From bunnies, chicks, eggs and plenty more, your little one will meet friends from around their barnyard in this charming Peek-a-Flap Hop Book. With just a flip of the page, your sweet toddler can explore through fun Easter traditions and learn about colors, patterns and festive facts.

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt Book

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It’s time for some Easter fun with Peppa Pig, Rebecca Rabbit, and Freddy Fox. Grandpa Pig has set up an Easter egg hunt, and your little one is invited along on the egg-citing adventure! They’ll search high and low – under chairs and behind curtains – in search of chocolaty treats! And they may even see brand new springtime treats hatching in the backyard. This must-have book comes complete with stickers sure to encourage lots of smiles and laughter all around.

3 Otters Costume Jewelry

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Treat your little one like royalty with 3 Otters Costume Jewelry- they have your little princess covered with their 8 piece necklace and bracelet set. Completely stocked with various styles featuring pearl, bowknot, flower, candy and stars too – because of course she's a star! Not only are each piece creatively designed with various adorable styles but they are also made from premium-grade acrylic material making them durable, and safe to wear

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddler Girls FAQ's

Are you stumped for Easter stuffer ideas on what to get your little girl this Easter?

We've got all the answers to your most frequently asked questions about what makes the perfect toddler girl Easter basket.

My foolproof guide will ensure you put together a truly magical gift for your little one come easter morning. What's more, with these expert-approved suggestions (readily available online), filling an Easter basket is easier than ever before!

What do you put in a little girl's Easter basket?

A carefully-curated Easter basket is a great way to make an ordinary holiday into something special for the little girl in your life. There are many fun and creative items that you can include in her basket, such as:

1) An assortment of chocolates and candy, including those shaped like bunnies and eggs;

2) Plush Easter-themed toys such as bunnies, chicks or lambs;

3) Colorful decorations such as streamers or paper flowers;

4) Art supplies like stickers, markers, crayons and colorful construction paper;

5) Craft kits with instructions so she can make her own decorations out of items found around the house;

6) Small toys like dolls or action figures related to her favorite movie characters;

7) Books – there are lots of options for age appropriate books about springtime activities that will introduce her to new discoveries about the season.

8) Novelty items such as puzzles, word searches, small stuffed animals and mazes.

1. Chocolate Eggs: What’s Easter without a few chocolate eggs? They make great fillers for any Easter basket and are also sure to be a hit with children on the day of the holiday. From milk and white chocolate eggs, to egg shaped snacks, there's something for everyone!

2. Stuffed Animals: Stuffed animals are classic gifts that never go out of style - especially when it comes to an Easter basket. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one for every age group as well! Plus, many stuffed animals come with fun accessories like ribbons or bows which add an extra special touch to each gift.

3. Toys: You can't go wrong gifting toys at Easter time; they bring joy throughout the entire year! Board games, puzzles, dolls, cars - no matter what type of toy your recipient likes best - there's bound to be something perfect just waiting in stores this season!

4. Books : It is common knowledge that reading helps people learn better and explore new basket ideas for toddlers more deeply; making books a smart choice during gift-giving times such as Easter. Choose titles based on the preferences of your recipients or pick up popular classics like Peter Rabbit or The Velveteen Rabbit that they may not have heard before but will surely love nonetheless!

5. Art Supplies: For those crafty individuals in your life who enjoy arts & crafts activities - why not give them some art supplies this Easter? Gift sets from various art supply stores typically include items such as crayons, colored pencils, markers or even sketch pads – something perfect for getting creative over the long weekend break that accompanies this special holiday celebration!

What are some unique Easter basket ideas for a toddler girl?

Easter baskets for toddler girls are a great way to create fun memories and enjoyable surprises! Whether you’re searching for a special gift for your own daughter or looking for an impressive basket to give away as a baby shower present, these unique stuffer ideas offer something special.

Consider personalizing her Easter basket with colorful personalized items such as clothing, plates and bowls. You could also add some educational items like flashcards with vocabulary words, counting games or books that teach new skills. A board game, magnetic story set and creative sets such as wooden building blocks will help enhance problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment. Of course, don’t forget the traditional favorites including chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallow eggs!

For the younger toddlers and babies who are venturing into the world of make-believe playtime fun, consider adding sets like pretend makeup kits with washable colors so she can pamper herself in style; or princess dress up costumes complete with wands and tiaras fit for an aspiring queen. Playdough pieces shaped like animals offer quiet creativity time while finger puppets invite lively conversations between family members at dinner time. And lastly – no Easter egg hunt is complete without crayons for coloring eggs!

How much should I spend on kid's Easter basket?

The amount you should spend on your kid's Easter basket will depend largely on the age of the child, their interests, and your budget. Generally speaking, you should aim to put together a basket that feels special without breaking the bank.

For younger children, who might not appreciate the monetary value of items in their Easter baskets as much as older children, simple treats like books or small toys can make for an enjoyable gift. You can also opt for non-candy items such as stickers or coloring books with crayons. For slightly older children, adding in some more expensive items to fill out a larger basket could be more appropriate; this could include things like art supplies or activity kits that teach about science and nature.

If you do decide to get candy for your child's Easter basket, opt for higher quality chocolates and sweets that feature less artificial ingredients rather than generic candy from a supermarket bulk bin; usually these types of candies come in smaller packages so they won't break your budget either! If possible try to include some healthy snacks too; dried fruit or yogurt covered pretzels are good options here that don't cost too much money but can still impress your kids when they open up their Easter baskets.

Overall there is no "one size fits all" answer when it comes to how much you should be spending on an Easter basket; instead focus on picking out unique gifts that fit within what works best with both yours and your family's budget while still making sure it feels special!

Where can I find the best Easter basket ideas for toddler girls?

When it comes to finding the perfect Easter basket for toddler girls, there are several elements that you should consider. First, it's important to choose items that will capture their interest and encourage learning as well as fun. A few great ideas include educational books or toys like a shape sorter or wooden blocks; puzzles; art supplies such as crayons and markers, stamps, stickers and paper; dolls or stuffed animals; dress-up accessories like sunglasses or hair clips; games like Candyland, Guess Who? or Connect 4; bath toys such as squirt guns and rubber ducks; bath products like bubble solution and washcloths in bright colors – even a personalized towel is sure to be a hit! Also don't forget to add some tasty treats too – chocolate bunnies or marshmallow chicks are always popular! Remember that when it comes to Easter baskets for toddlers, the key is choosing quality items with interesting features rather than quantity of objects. With thoughtful planning your child will love her special Easter basket this year!

When it comes to Easter baskets, the most popular type of candy that is usually included are chocolate eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow eggs and bunnies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, solid chocolate crosses and fun-shaped lollipops. Chocolate is by far one of the most requested type of treats for Easter. Picking out a special Easter basket filled with assorted chocolates can be a great way to celebrate this joyous holiday season! However, there are so many delicious candies available - you could make your own unique sweet treat creations each year!

Other popular choices for fillers in Easter baskets include jellybeans in bright colors such as pink and yellow; these come in bags or bins depending on how much you want to fill up an Easter basket with it. Other favorites include pastel-colored M&Ms, malted milk ball “birds’ eggs” (Speckled Egg Malts), Jordan almonds (usually five in honor of Jesus' crucifixion wounds); Swedish Fish or other gummy candies also add variety and texture. Of course no basket would be complete without some spring-themed lollipops too – try choosing those shaped like butterflies or even bunnies!

What items sell the most for Easter?

Easter is a holiday that signifies the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection, and it's also become associated with chocolate eggs and other treats. While celebrating this sacred day, consumers often look to purchase items or gifts as well.

When it comes to Easter shopping, candy and food products generally sell the most due to their festive nature and celebration of the occasion. Chocolate eggs are obviously always popular for Easter, along with bunnies made ​​of milk or dark chocolate. Jelly beans come in all sorts of delicious flavors for children and adults alike who have a sweet tooth during the holiday season. Marshmallow Peeps, another classic treat served on Easter, also sells well throughout this time period.

In addition to food-related items, crafts such as wreaths made ​​from hand-decorated twigs or eggshells are often sold around Easter too. Crafts can be used either as decorations or as mementos from an enjoyable family gathering that occurs during this special time of year. Toys related to kids' favorite cartoon characters are often found in stores near Easter too - these include stuffed animals like rabbits dressed similarly to Peter Cottontail himself!

What are some examples of children's Easter books?

Easter books for children provide an opportunity to introduce kids of all ages to this beloved holiday in a fun and educational way. Here are some great Easter reads that won't disappoint:

1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter: This classic tale follows the mischievous rabbit as he stumbles into Mr. McGregor's garden and is nearly caught by the grumpy old man. It provides a good reminder of why it's important to beware of strangers – but also never give up hope!

2. The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever! By Alicia Thompson: In this delightful story, six children go on an egg hunt around their town, encountering many unexpected surprises along the way, including meeting bunnies, lambs, ducks, and more! A perfect book for young readers aged 6-9 during the Easter season.

3. The Story Of Easter For Kids by Rachel Elliot: This charming book tells the story behind the tradition of celebrating Easter in its entirety - from Jesus' resurrection through his ascension into Heaven - with beautiful artwork and simple language that any young reader can understand.

4. Fingerprintz Egg Hunt by Derek Matthews: This interactive board game turns little ones into inexperienced detectives who must match fingerprints as they search for eggs hidden throughout their home or classroom! Great for groups aged 6-12 years old who want something fun and engaging to do on Easter Sunday morning or any day leading up to it!

Easter Basket Ideas for Your Little Princess: The Best Ones for Her!

From sweet, cuddly companions to fashion accessories fit for a princess — these Easter basket stuffers are sure to earn your little one's royal seal of approval. The sincere smile and twinkle in her eye she'll have when she uncovers each surprise will be worth all the shopping effort it took to bring together. That's what makes Easter so special; it brings the chance for children to feel like royalty, if only for a day! Make this Easter extra special for your own little princess and start stuffing that basket full of fun surprises now!

Remember to Treat Yourself...You Deserve it!

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