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You don't have to go out to the spa and spend a fortune on a massage.

This Black Friday, Amazon has some amazing deals on massage devices that will let you relax in the comfort of your own home. These devices are designed to target specific parts of the body, from head to toe, so you can get the most out of your relaxation time.

Who wouldn't want to come home after a long day of holiday shopping and relax with a massage? With these deep discounts, there's no excuse not to treat yourself!

Indulge in a little self-care and order yourself or a loved one a miraculous massage device on Amazon- at these prices, it's a steal!

Happy Shopping :)

Trade the Over Priced Spa for an Under Priced Massage...At Home!

Who has time for a massage during their busy day? And even if you did, how much would it cost?

Massages are amazing, but they can be really expensive and inconvenient. You have to book an appointment, take time out of your day, and spend a butt-load of money.

With Amazon's Black Friday deals on massaging devices, you can get all the benefits of a massage without ever leaving your house! These 8 devices have helped thousands of Amazon customers with tension relief and pain management (just read the raving reviews!) and they're discounted up to 70% off!

Nektek Shiatsu Foot Massager

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I certainly know what it’s like after a long day: your feet feel swollen, stiff and exhausted. The Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager is the perfect remedy! This fantastic foot massager utilizes multiple preset massage modes, heat function and adjustable air compression intensity. Take your massage experience up a notch by selecting or customizing according to your individual preference.

Let’s not forget about two adjustable intensity levels which will ensure proper blood flow to soles and feet! And talk about pampering – the deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage will strengthen muscle tissues and reduce muscle stiffness. It even has a built-in infrared heating function to give your muscles extra comfort during cold days... now this is the ultimate treat for your feet!

So make sure to order the Nektek Shiatsu Foot Massager today from Amazon while prices are down… it’s cozy, convenient and just right for winding down after a busy day.

DACORM Massage Gun

Set of 14 Pieces

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This isn't just any ordinary muscle massager – it's an ultra-advanced device designed to provide unparalleled relief and relaxation for every inch of your body. With 7 speed levels and 12 massage heads, you can customize this gun exactly to your needs and satisfy all of your sore muscles. Plus, with the deep tissue massage and slip-free grip handle, you can maximize effectiveness and comfort during each session.

You won't even have to worry about hearing a loud noise when using DACORM – its noise is less than 40 dB, meaning it won't disturb anyone else while you relax in the office, gym or wherever you are! Its lightweight design also makes it conveniently easy to carry on the go whenever necessary; simply store it in the carrying case that comes with every purchase.

Get yours at 74% off today and punch those knots away!

MoCuishle Shiatsu Neck Massager

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The MoCuishle Shiatsu Neck Massager is your new personal massage therapist that fits in the palm of your hand and goes everywhere you go! With eight powerful kneading massage nodes, this massage will provide deep tissue and muscle therapy, replicating a professional Shiatsu based massage. Plus, it comes equipped with advanced heating features to provide some extra soothing warmth to all your tired muscles – whether done from physical strain or mental stress.

With adjustable speeds and direction controls, you can choose a slow or fast-paced massage on the exact spot that needs it.

Whether you need instant relief from aches and pains or just want some extra relaxation for yourself, this works wonders. Not to mention, the breathable mesh and PU leather make for an extra comfortable experience.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to massages! Order the MoCuishle Shiatsu Neck Massager for the ultimate at-home neck massage!

Snailax Electric Heating Pad

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This heating wrap is like a hug for your neck and shoulders with its two adjustable heating levels, overheat protection thermostat, auto shutoff option, five pre-programmed massage modes, and invigorating dual massage motors. And in just two minutes of plugging it in, you could be feeling relief from tired muscles. Snailax takes the guesswork out of pain relief as its design was created to contour around your neck and shoulders for maximum pleasure.

Find some comfort through Snailax’s Electric Heating Pad and feel even cozier on those cold winter nights!

FIT KING Leg Air Massager

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Get ready to have your feet and calves pampered like never before with the FIT KING Leg Air Massager! This leg and foot massager uses a special 2x2 airbag design to simulate the kneading and stroking of tissues, helping to reduce muscle aches and pains, as well as increase circulation in treated areas.

You can control your massage session with the handy handheld controller – choose from two different modes and three intensity levels. It'll be hard to get bored with this thing, because it's got 10 specially designed massage techniques!

Don't let those sore feet suffer any longer – get your own FIT KING Leg Air Massager on Amazon for over 50% off!

TechCare Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator

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The TechCare Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator is the ultimate drug-free pain relief system! This combination of TENS and PMS technology has been used by physical therapists and prescribed doctors for decades to manage pain.

Not only does the TechCare Massager block out the pain signal from your brain and increase natural endorphins, it contracts and releases your muscles to provide a soothing, balanced experience. But don't just take my word for it: Chiropractors have been using this product for years!

Stop living in agony and check out TechCare's Muscle Stimulator at half off the retail price!

Nekteck Foot Massager

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Who knew pampering yourself could be so easy and inexpensive? With the NekTeck Foot Massager, you can have a luxurious foot massage right in your own home or office! Why pay exorbitant costs at the spa when this device provides the same luxury experience at a fraction of the price? Especially with Amazon's Black Friday deal of 30% off! Packed with 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massager nodes, this massager will relax your muscles and ease tensions while increasing blood circulation. Plus, its heating function makes it even better: tired muscles can now find relief through the warmth that this amazing product offers.

It's the perfect combination of quality, convenience, comfort—all for a great price.

LiBa Selfie Massager

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Introducing the ideal companion for your massage therapy needs: LiBa Selfie Massager! We all know conventional massage tools can be either too basic - think toy-like - or overly complicated with too many knobs and handles, but that’s not this one. The LiBa Selfie Massager is the last word in muscle massage tools—each therapy node and spike can target all parts of your body from head to toe. Whether you need some relief from tightness in your neck or you’re looking to soothe a patch of muscles on your back, this trusty tool has got you covered!

Invest in the power of massage and see how much better life can be with the LiBa Selfie Massager!

Massage From Head-to-Toe, Compliments of Amazon Black Friday!

If you’re anything like me, you could probably use a good massage after the holidays. Luckily, Amazon has some great Black Friday deals on massage devices so you can give yourself a full-body massage at home any time you want.

I’ve listed my eight favorite devices below, so be sure to check them out before the deals expire. And don’t worry – these devices are easy to use, so anyone can enjoy a relaxing massage without leaving home.

Remember to Treat Yourself...You Deserve it!

Love your mom-friend,